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Greetings Everyone, I am Mr. Jeremy Oglesby. I am the Music Teacher for Grades K-5. I am a native of Marshallville, Georgia. I began teaching in Macon County in 2017. I am a proud graduate of The Fort Valley State University, where I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Music Education.It is a joy working with your students on a daily basis teaching them different musical strategies and techniques that they can use as they become older.

It is very heartbreaking to know our schools have closed due to unforseen circumstances, however we are still here for your children. Although we are providing "distance" learning, we still have your children near our hearts and we are here to help. The academic teachers for Grades K-5 have provided detailed schedules for you and numbers to call on their webpages. I have also provided lessons throughout the weeks to come and fun Music activities that you may do at home with your students to give them a break during lessons. Please take care and God Bless!

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 Have your child to sing a solo from music class to you. Sing a song from your childhoood to your child.  Find a book to sing to your child, such as "There was an Old lasy that Swallowed a Fly"  Have Students to Listen to
 music and
Draw what they hear. 
Have students to move silently around the room to a few movements from "Carnival of the Animals" 
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 Make percussive instruments from things found around the house. Ex. you could make a shaker with putting rice in an empty container. Play music and allow the students to shake their instruments. Draw squiggly lines and trace with them with your fingers while singing, making your voice go up and down along the lines.  Have the child to tell you about what they did today, what they ate, who they saw, etc. but in a singing voice.  Watch Video about Quarter Note, Half Note, and Whole Notez:


 Fun Friday: Have a Renegade Dance Party! Learn it with your child.
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 Watch Video about
Musical Instruments
 and Musical Figures


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tic tac toe   Music Quiz: