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Dear Fifth Grade Parents: The State of Georgia mandates a minimum course of study in career education in grades K-12, including a career awareness component at the elementary level. Specifically, 5th grade is required to complete a Career Portfolio which will give students an opportunity to choose a career of interest and to research information that leads to a better understanding of that career. Each student’s Career Portfolio will consist of two major components: an essay and a PowerPoint presentation.  The students received documents that explain the information that needs to be researched, a rubric for the PowerPoint, and directions on how to use the online resources.  The essay component should be five paragraphs and neatly written or typed. The five paragraphs should include an Introduction, Training and Education, Work Environment, Salary, Growth Opportunities, Job Outlook, and Conclusion. Please refer to the documents provided to the students during Career Guidance for specifics for each paragraph, the content and rubric for the PowerPoint, and online resources to use for research. Parents, please sign below to indicate that you received this information and are aware that this is a required project. Return this form to your child’s teacher. Student Signature __________________________________________ Date ________________ Parent Signature ___________________________________________ Date ________________ 5th Grade Career Portfolio Every 5th grade student is required to complete a Career Portfolio. The portfolio will consist of two major components: an essay and a PowerPoint presentation. Students will explore various careers at and/or other electronic or paper resources which can assist in their selection of career choices for further research. Once students have selected a career interest, they will conduct research for preparation of writing an essay about their selected career. After researching the website and informational articles on a career area of choice, write an essay that describes a selected career. The description should include the training and education needed, work environment, potential salary and growth opportunities, and job outlook. Students should document the sources of information. The information collected for the research paper is outlined below: I. Introduction (name the chosen career interest, identify the career cluster associated with the career, and list reason(s) why you chose this career) II. Training and Education (the requirements for specific training or education needed to obtain a job in the chosen career interest, e.g., length of training/school, military, type of school/apprenticeship, major or degree, etc.) III. Work Environment (information such as indoors/outdoors, office or fieldwork, type of dress for work, individual or group work, etc.) IV. Salary, Growth Opportunities, and Job Outlook (opportunities for advancement and need for this type of career in the next 10 years) V. Closing (a reflection on the research information and a conclusion about whether the student continues to have an interest in the chosen career after researching and obtaining this information) VI. References (resources used in the research process) After completing the essay, students will complete a PowerPoint presentation. The content required for each slide is on the rubric provided.
Posted by ashley.roberts  On Apr 24, 2018 at 1:36 PM
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