5th Remediation

Students must log onto www.usatestprep.com  to complete the assignments. I have selected specific standards that students to complete.

Directions for gaining credit:

1. Select either your Math class from the “Assignments” tab.

2. After selecting your class (S. Williams), click the blue “Practice” button.

3. Select the subject: Math (GSE)

4. Select the standards that are assigned. Then, complete the work. Students should work on each standard in the following order:

a. Video mini-lessons to activate prior knowledge

b. Vocabulary 

 These are the following standards in which your child needs to complete by May 15, 2020, at 12:00 p.m.

(MGSE5.NBT.3) Compare and Order Decimals

(MGSE5.NBT.4) Place Value

(MGSE5.NBT.7) Hundredths

(MGSE5.NF.1) Unlike Denominators

(MGSE5.NF.2) Word Problems

(MGSE5.NF.4b) Areas with Fractional Dimensions

(MGSE5.NF.6) Real World Problems

(MGSE5.NF.7a,b) Divide Fractions and Whole Numbers

(MGSE5.NF.7c) Word Problems-Fractions Division

(MGSE5.NBT6) Quotients